Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery

Name: Cold Stone Creamery

Type of Food: Ice Cream

Interesting Facts: If you leave a tip for a Cold Stone Creamery crew member don’t be surprised if they start singing a song. According  Cold Stone Creamery, they believe in the “Entertainment Factor” as a way to add a fun, festive atmosphere to their stores and to set them apart from the competition.  The “Entertainment Factor” is a job requirement made clear to any employee before the accept a position with Cold Stone Creamery.

History: In 1988, Donald and Susan Sutherland (no relation to the actor) opened the first Cold Stone Creamery in Tempe, Arizona after seeking out (and failing to find) an ice cream that was neither hard-packed nor soft-serve. It was a major success. In 1996, Cold Stone Creamery was awarded “Best of Phoenix” and by 1997 Cold Stone Creamery had served its one millionth ice cream cone.

In 1995, Cold Stone Creamery opened its first franchise store in Tucson, soon followed by a store in Camarillo, California, its first out of state. Almost 1,400 franchises are in operation.

By 2003 Cold Stone Creamery had opened its 500th store and began rapid international expansion.

In May 2007, Cold Stone Creamery merged with Kahala Corp to form the company Kahala-Cold Stone, which collectively owns 13 brands (including Blimpie).  Today Cold Stone Creamery operates more than 1,500 locations in 16 countries and is now the sixth-best-selling brand of ice cream in the U.S.

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